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Semi Permanent make up

Look good 24/7

We all like to look good!


Imagine..... waking up

with your eye liner intact with no smudges


your eyebrows ready for the day with no need to pencil them in


With semi permanent makeup this could be a reality


At Disappear we take a holisitic approach to the way you want to look, taking into account your skin tone, hair colour and makeup approach, as well as your lifestyle and what you want to achieve.


Many people may be frightened to have the procedure done because they worry they will look too made up or too false. Not at all! we want to enhance what you have and listen to you and your wants, every step of the way.


Once complete, your new look will last 18mths and beyond

So all you need to do is look fabulous!


If you want to know more please call

or email us 01908 303 758 -


What can I have done?

Eyeliner & Eyelash Enhancement


A popular treatment where the colour is put into the lash area, creating a lovely full lash Look.


This is a great treatment if you don't normally wear eyeliner but want fabulous definition 








Frame your face with gorgeous brows and create a stunning look with liner




Eyebrows - £295


Eye Liner Top - £195

Eyelash enhancement - £195


Eyeliner Top & Bottom - £250


Price includes consultation and 2 treatment sessions 



Lush Lips


Not happy with your lips?

Too pale or No definition?


We can add a bit of glamour to them with either a blended liner or a fuller blush effect




Liner & Blend - £295


Price includes consultation/patch test and 2 treatments



The photographes below are directly after treatment

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