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Disappear Ltd    


We specialise in safe and effectively

Laser Tattoo & Hair Removal

With over 10yrs experience 


We also provide specialist facials & skin rejuvenation                                                                                

We only use state of the art, medical grade equipment.

  Soprano Hair Removal

Soprano Hair Removal


We only use the best! 

Soprano is known worldwide for it's safe, effective & virtually pain free performance



 Laser Tattoo Removal

Laser Tattoo Removal


Q Switched Laser

Want to remove

or fade down a Tattoo?



    Pigmenation Removal           

Remove Age spots 

from your hands, face or chest





  The Latest Skin Rejuvenators           

Combat signs of ageing

Age Spots

Fine lines

Dull dry Skin

Sagging neck lines


Welcome to Disappear Ltd in Milton Keynes

Treatments for all skin types


At Disappear we offer a range of removal techiques for hair, tattoos and blemishes.






Medical Grade

Light or Dark skins

Male or Female



Ageing Blemishes                 Tattoo Removal                  Acne Treatment

Questions and Answers


Does Soprano hair removal hurt?

No, the Soprano hair removing technology doesn't hurt.

You have a warm sensation, some say similar to a hot stone massage - so that can't be bad!

*some clients may feel a mild sensation during treatment


Is hair permanently removed?

As with most treatments there are always variations, but on the whole the hair is treated and does not regrow.

If it does it will be very fine!


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