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Milton Keynes Laser Tattoo and Hair Removal          07880 784 641
Becky Wiggins
I'm not going to lie and say that it doesn't smart a bit, but my tattoo is literally disappearing before my eyes and Melissa is making the process so easy. I was really worried beforehand but Melissa was kind and reassuring and it's been really plain sailing. Another couple of sessions and I'll be tattoo free. Then I'll be planning on coming back for some pampering treatments!
Yeah, finally found your page to like Melissa!!! Looking forward to 3rd session at the end of March. Really beginning to notice the growth reduction in the mornings now and that's after just two treatments. What will it be like after 5???. Amazing friendly service. Melissa takes her time, you never feel rushed, always a chance to relax before the session starts and time to collect yourself before its time to leave. Just cannot fault the service.
Katya Thompson
Currently getting the tattoo on my foot removed and Im so pleased to have found Melissa the results are amazing. She is extremely knowledgable and great personality too. Any unwanted tattoos see Melissa you will not be disappointed. X
Priya Ujoodah
Extremely happy with my new eyebrows. I've been drawing my eyebrows on for years and now have beautifully shaped eyebrows without the need of a pencil. Melissa did a wonderful job and there was no pain. I would recommend Disappear to everyone. Will be booking myself in for eyeliner next.
Rebecca Horner
iAbsolutely thrilled with my laser hair removal at Disappear Ltd. By my 2nd visit I am seeing amazing results to my legs- I will never look back. Lovely environment & made to feel very at ease by Melissa. Thank you very much.
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